Controversy Surrounding Video Ezio Greggio Appeal for Abandoned Baby Aeneas

The story of Aeneas, a baby abandoned on Easter day at the Cradle of life of the Mangiagalli clinic in Milan, has sparked a wave of emotion and solidarity in Italy. Professor Fabio Mosca, head of Neonatology at the IRCCS Policlinico di Milano, issued a message inviting the mother to reconsider her decision. In response, actor and TV presenter Ezio Greggio made a video appeal to Aeneas and his mother, urging her to come back and stating that the baby deserves a chance at a good life. However, Greggio’s comments, particularly his remark about a “real mom,” drew criticism from some who felt it was insensitive to adoptive parents. This article will examine the controversy surrounding the video and the debate over abandonment and adoption in Italy.( Read more at ttdccomplex.vn to watch video Ezio Greggio )

video ezio greggio
video ezio greggio

I. The Criticism of Video Ezio Greggio Appeal

Many people on the web have criticized Ezio Greggio’s video appeal for Aeneas and his mother. Specifically, many were offended by the final sentence of the message where he said, “She deserves a real mom and not a mom who will have to take care of it but she’s not the real mom.” This comment was especially hurtful to adoptive parents who felt accused of not being “true” parents.

In response to the controversy, Mr. Destroy posted the following comment: “video Ezio Greggio to the lady who left her baby at the Cradle of Life at the Mangiagalli clinic is simply repulsive. First of all, ‘the child deserves a real mother and not one who will have to take care of him but she is not the real mother’, i.e. adoptive mothers are fake moms if I understand correctly. I’ve always known that parents are the ones who raise you, not the ones who biologically created you, I’ll be wrong. Second thing, a man can safely decide to abandon parenthood, if one does this as a woman, a witch hunt is activated with zero privacy and morbid curiosity in technically wanting to do the business of others. Basically, if one decides to abort, they are lynched, and if she decides to give her son up for adoption, the guilt machine is activated, but that’s enough.”

video ezio greggio
video ezio greggio

II. The Debate About Motherhood and Abandonment after video Ezio Greggio

In his video appeal for Aeneas, Ezio Greggio sparked controversy with his statement that the baby deserved a “real mother” instead of one who would have to take care of him but wasn’t his biological parent. This sentence offended many adoptive parents who felt it devalued their role in their children’s lives.

Criticism of Greggio‘s statement pointed out that adoptive parents are as real and important as biological parents, as they have chosen to take on the responsibilities of raising a child. The argument that biological connection is necessary for “real” motherhood ignores the reality of adoption and the bonds that form between parents and children.

The debate around parenthood and the decision to abandon a child also emerged in response to this controversy. Some argued that women should have the right to make choices about their own bodies and the fate of their children, without facing judgement or criticism. Others countered that abandoning a child is never an acceptable choice, and that society has a responsibility to support families in difficult situations.

Overall, the controversy surrounding video Ezio Greggio  appeal has sparked important conversations about the nature of motherhood, the role of adoptive parents, and the complex issues surrounding abandonment and parenthood.

video ezio greggio
video ezio greggio

III. The Impact of the Controversy after video Ezio Greggio

As the controversy about video Ezio Greggio  message gained traction on social media, public opinion became divided. Many criticized Greggio’s statement about Aeneas deserving a “real mother,” arguing that it was offensive to adoptive parents and minimized the important role they play in raising children. Others defended Greggio, stating that he was expressing his opinion and that he had the right to do so.

Since the story broke, there have been no major updates or developments. However, the debate about motherhood, adoption, and parenthood continues to be a topic of discussion in Italy and beyond. Some have called for greater support for mothers who feel unable to care for their children, while others have advocated for more education and awareness about adoption and the important role of adoptive parents. The controversy has highlighted the complexity of these issues and the need for a more nuanced and compassionate approach to addressing them.

video ezio greggio
video ezio greggio


In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Ezio Greggio’s video appeal for Aeneas has sparked a debate about motherhood, adoption, and the decision to abandon a child. The final sentence in Greggio’s message has offended adoptive parents, leading to criticism on social media and public opinion. While some have defended Greggio’s intentions, others argue that his words were insensitive and hurtful.

It is important to continue the conversation about the complexities of motherhood and the impact of abandonment on both children and families. Readers are encouraged to share their views and engage with this issue to help raise awareness and understanding.

For those who have been affected by adoption or abandonment, there are support groups and resources available. One such organization is the National Council For Adoption, which provides advocacy, education, and support for adoptive families and those touched by adoption.

Let us work together to promote empathy and compassion for those affected by adoption and abandonment, and to create a more supportive and inclusive society for all.

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