Watch full Valverde punch Baena: Video, undeniable proof?

The incident between Federico Valverde of Real Madrid and Alex Baena of Villarreal has been the talk of the football world recently. Reports suggest that Valverde punched Baena in the face after the match between the two teams. The reason for the altercation was reportedly due to Baena’s insulting comments towards Valverde’s family. In this article, we will take a look at the full video of the incident and analyze the evidence to see if there is undeniable proof that Valverde did indeed punch Baena. Read Valverde punch Video with ttdccomplex.vn 

Valverde punch Baena video
Valverde punch Baena video

I. Valverde punch Baena: Video, evidence

1. The details and important information of the event

On April 8, 2023, after the match between Real Madrid and Villarreal, Federico Valverde is said to have punched Villarreal player Alex Baena in the parking lot. According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Valverde waited for Baena outside the bus and attacked him, causing him to swell his eyes. The incident was immediately reported to the police and an investigation was launched.

Valverde‘s attack on Baena is said to have been caused by a conflict between the two before the match. It is known that their conflict stemmed from the match between Real Madrid and Villarreal in the Spanish King’s Cup in January this year. Baena is said to have insulted Valverde’s wife, who was pregnant at the time and experiencing health complications. The exact details of Baena’s comment are unknown, but it is believed to have deeply offended Valverde and prompted him to seek revenge after the match.

Valverde punch Baena video
Valverde punch Baena video

2. Football fans’ reaction after the incident

Video footage of an altercation between Valverde and Baena has since emerged, providing evidence of the attack. The footage shows Valverde waiting for Baena outside the bus, confronting him, then throwing a punch. The video has gone viral on social media, sparking heated debate and discussion.

The case has attracted widespread media attention, with experts and witnesses offering their opinions and insights into the situation. Soccer fans split into two camps: Some criticized Valverde for his violent behavior, while others sympathized with him and acknowledged the emotional damage Baena‘s remarks took. may have caused him.

In short, the incident involving Federico Valverde and Alex Baena has sent shockwaves through the football community and beyond. The attack, which allegedly insulted the Valverde family, led to an investigation and sparked a heated debate about the proper way to handle such situations in professional sport. While the incident is certainly regrettable, it also shows that players and teams need to pay more attention to their words and actions on and off the pitch.

Reaction after shocking event
Reaction after shocking event

II. Conclusion after event Valverde punch Baena Video

In short, the event  Valverde punched Baena video caused great attention in Spanish and global football circles. The police intervened to prevent a scuffle. The reason for this action was that Baena insulted and disparaged Valverde’s family. Many experts believe that Valverde’s actions should not be encouraged and need the intervention of the Spanish Football Federation. However, there are also people who support this action because they see it as protecting their honor and family.

In the future, the Spanish Football Federation may take measures to prevent similar situations from happening. The management and control of the behavior of players on and off the field is very important to protect the honor and reputation of Spanish football.

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Conclusion affer Valvarde punch Baena Video
Conclusion affer Valvarde punch Baena Video

III. Related question after shocking football event

1. Who is Valverde?

Federico Valverde is a Uruguayan footballer, born on 22 July 1998 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He currently plays for club Real Madrid and the Uruguay national team. Valverde is known for his varied soccer skills, endurance and ability to play in a variety of positions on the field. He won many titles in his career, including the La Liga championship with Real Madrid and the Uruguay national team.

Player Valverde
Player Federico Valverde

2. Who is Baena?

Alex Baena is a Spanish professional footballer, born in 1998. He started his career at Villarreal club and currently plays as a central midfielder for this club. Baena has played for Spain’s youth teams and has featured in the national under-21 team.


Player Alex Baena
Player Alex Baena

3. The cause of the conflict between the two players

According to information released, the conflict between Federico Valverde and Alex Baena originated in the match between Real Madrid and Villarreal in the Copa del Rey in January this year. In that match, Villarreal lost to Real Madrid with a score of 2-3. After the match, Alex Baena is said to have insulted Federico Valverde’s family with a slur. This statement is said to have caused Federico Valverde’s anger and indignation, leading to his act of hitting his opponent during the recent event.

IV. Watch full Valverde punch Baena Video

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